Komula Wedding

September 8, 2018

Over the past few years, we have built a photography brand together, from scratch. We have learned about our cameras, about our clients, and about ourselves. We have traded up cameras, lights, and lenses, edited on separate computers side by side until the sun came up, kept each other laughing, and ordered a LOT of Bexley Pizza Plus and Starbucks. We engaged ourselves in an ever-learning climb. They say when you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. From the start, our motivation was to be successful business owners with integrity and personality. We fixed our sights to bring more laughter to our everyday and to our clients’ days. We wanted working with us to be professional and based on our skill and experience, but we were completely determined to be our authentic selves and wanted our clients to feel they’d hired close friends to capture their memories.

That’s why we love shooting weddings (like this one) so much. Deni and Pete were referred to us by a mutual friend. They were engaged on Christmas Eve (OMG! swoon) and were planning a rustic outdoor wedding in Johnstown, Ohio. We met Deni and Pete for the first time over coffee to discuss their wedding plans and we felt like we were reunited with old friends.

Deni and Pete, we loved hearing about your adventures together, your shared love of dogs, and laughing with you about the nuances of “city life” verses “country life.” We watched you make eye contact and smile warmly at each other while you interviewed your wedding photographers. We all left smiling and our faces definitely hurt from laughing with you.

When you trusted us and woke up crazy early to shoot your May engagement session, our friendship grew. Deni forgot her shoes to shoot in and Randi lent hers! Thank you for making a sunrise session so memorable and fun! Randi took photos (wearing borrowed flip flops) and you blew dandelion seeds at each other. We said things to make you laugh uncontrollably (hopefully no one recorded it!) and you showed off how in love you were with each other. Your session felt like the culmination of years of our hard work. We laughed harder than we ever had at a session to date. We knew we were capturing photos our new favorite clients would love. Laughter is a two way connection and perhaps that is the highest compliment we could pay you.

As if your engagement session wasn’t perfect enough, you challenged our laughter muscles again in August. After a mist of light rain, just minutes after the outdoor rustic wedding ceremony you envisioned concluded, you led us down a private country footpath to take your wedding formals. The evening summer air suited you, Mr. and Mrs. Komula. We felt excited for you. We were so busy shooting that we didn’t notice we had attracted a growing crowd of curious onlookers. Cows. That’s right. Flashback to jokes about the “city life” verses “country life” and suddenly the current horizon view was mooing in celebration over your recent nuptials. Did we take advantage of the PERFECT photo opportunity you ask?


We did. 

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